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guess, what information do we have about students' preferences whether to stay on campus or go somewhere else and capacity are we building any capacity as far as after school? >> yes, and that is exactly the kind of work that we need to do this year and plan to do and the kind of questions that question need to explore to be sure that the transportation services are kind of addressing the needs of students and taking into account the need for after school. so, that work is something that is currently, there are discussions about and we are planning to go deeper with that work this year. >> commissioner? >> you are on. >> thank you. >> i wanted to, i don't have the report in front of me so i will have to look at it when i return and probably have follow up questions. but i appreciate what i heard about the goals that we have, but i would like to see, you
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know, i have to say that i presumed that over time in these three years, we are going to stop transportation to private after school programs. so, i need to see why we are not proposing to do that. and if it means that we are giving up any, you know, that we are trading that off, against busing to our own after school programs or other, or maybe transportation to or from school to home transportation from some school, because of the capacity of the buses and the system. so, that is the main thing i would be interested in. and also i want to say that again, i have not seen it, but particularly i am interested in that we are expanding transportation for middle schools to support the feeders. i think that is probably really a good idea. i don't know that i understand enough, i would like to understand more about how that
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is going to work and what that might mean. commissioner fewer? >> yes, you know, what? since commissioner wynns brought that up, i thought that we did have a conversation about possibly phasing out the transportation to privately run after school programs and trying to offer programs at every school site instead. so, i think that we should get an update on that. i thought that we were in agreement that was going to happen because quite frankly if we were prioritizing where we were going to bus to, this would not be a top priority to provide transportation to privately run after school programs. and giving transportation to those students that would not be my top choice, when we see students from the bay view getting transportation cut to their schools or from the schools. another question that i just
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have is also have we alerted muni about these proposed changes? i have heard recently many complaints about the transportation to high schools and that many students arrive late to school because they simply cannot even get on the bus. that so many schools are along certain particular lines of transportation where they are just heavily impacted and all at the same time. and therefore, many students are late for school, so they say, i am just kidding. they are late for school because they can't get on the bus and the buses actually pass them up. so you know that we have, probably the majority of our students rely on muni to get to school and i wonder if we could revisit our relationship with muni and what happens it has worked out sometimes where it has been generous enough to have buses especially in the case of the middle school and george washington high school that there is a 38 that is
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dedicated just to the students when you have you know, 1100 kids being dismissed at the same time at a school. there are over 2,000 students that were able to coordinate that. but however, i have been hearing to school that they are having a lot of issues around this. so as you know, when you are late they miss class and so i think that we maybe can be more efficient and we have maybe a better conversation or conversations with muni and align the school schedules with the needs and i think that some principals actually have done an assessment of what or how many students ride which line and they have a pretty good idea. and so maybe we can work with them on this as we are working with them about this... >> did we just... >> about the transportation plans. >> thanks. just gave you a whole bunch of stuff to do. >> thank you. >> miss okeff i know that this
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is not the easyist thing to do because this could be many different perspectives on what we should be cutting and what we should be keeping. but i do want to commend the staff for honoring the goal of reducing the number of buses that we are using. because when we have started this discussion, and i probably started it when i first got on the school board and asked us to move into this for years before it actually got it implemented, but, we all know that we had a lot more buses out there running lines, and then we were getting reimbursed for. and when we were not getting reimbursed for it, that means that we have to take money away from the classrooms. and so we, just to remind people the big picture here is that we are trying to keep as much of the funding in the classroom as possible rather than spending it on
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transportation and some of the transportation lines ended up to be very inefficient in regards to having only a few kids get on those lines. and those were easy to eliminate. now it is tougher where we have to make tough choices. so, good luck. >> okay. thank you very much. >> there is no more comments on this? >> we don't have to take a vote, do we? >> let's see. i think that this is the end of this discussion. and we are going to move on to item n, consent calendar resolutions tonight. and none, tonight. >> item o, we are moving on commissioner, wynns. >> item o, vote on consent
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calendar moved and seconded under section f. roll call? >> on the consent calendar? >> yes. >> miss ly. >> yes. >> miss wong. >> yes. >> miss fewer. >> yes. >> miss maufus. >> yes. >> miss mendoza and murase. >> yes. >> miss wynns. >> aye. >> and mr. yee. >> aye. >> item p, consent calendar resolutions severed for board discussion and immediate action, i think was one, commissioner maufus? thank you, president yee. thank you, i just had a question and this is very similar to the questions that i always ask, this description of services coordination of academic intervention and volunteer support for struggling students, could i
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get more detail on that? thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. this is margaret khu, assistant superintendent. >> and so greten elementary school has a reading intervention program that is supported by the pta and parent volunteers. and so they do school-wide sst to identify the needs of all students and then they do quarterly ssds to focus on students who are struggling in reading. and so the teachers in an sst team identify the reading needs of the students and the teacher gives the information of what students need to a coordinator. and this coordinator would coordinate support for parents and schedule the parents to go into the classrooms to help with guided reading. and this consultant would train
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all of the parent volunteers in guided read techniques and also training the parents in the school that has all of the leveled books in the building, every level book in the building and so the volunteers can look up the website, identify, which books the students would need to read, and then go into the classroom to support the reading in the classroom. that is what it is. this is paid for by pta. >> i am grateful that the pta is able to do that. and how do they report back? i mean, can i... i guess that i am sort of curious how this is impacting the classroom and is this the first time that we have used miss stern and do they have a track record? i would love to see documentation? >> of the success. >> and students, assessed on a regular basis by the teacher using funder and fenel. the reading accessment by the
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teacher and so the teacher tracks the reading progress of every student, particularly the focal students. >> thank you. >> okay. >> roll call please. >> thank you. >> miss ly. >> yes. >> miss wong. >> yes. >> miss fewer in >> yeah. >> miss maufus? >> yes. >> miss mendoza dr. murase? >> aye. >> miss norton? >> yes. >> miss wynns? >> yes. >> mr. yee, aye. >> six ayes. >> on q, superintendent's proposals first reading, none, item r, none tonight. item s, board members reports, standing committee report augmented, buildings grounds and service committee of october, 15, 201 2, commissioner murase. >> report from the augmented
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building and ground service committee we had two items presentation for the design of the new willie brown jr. middle school including the site plan, the exterior design the materials and finishes. we were fully briefed on how much community involvement was present in the design of the buildings. we were shown very cool computer graphics that led us on a virtual tour of what willie brown will look like. it is very exciting to see this, you know, brand new middle school come to life, at least in the presentation. the architects showed the kinds of finishes and colors that will be incorporated into the design. what i found most interesting was, one of the biggest messages about the design of the school was that it would incorporate elements of restorative practice and circle
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and sort of really facilitate conversation and dialogues based on this school district's emphasis on that. it was really very exciting. secondly, we discussed future agenda items for the committee and the meeting schedule for november and december. so the next meeting of building and grounds will be on monday, november 19th, at 6:00 and i really do urge my colleagues on this school board to come to that meeting. we will be talking about... i am sorry, number 1 6? >> you said december 19th? >> november... >> i thought that you said december. >> november 19th. >> we will be discussing 1950 mission, and other properties that are currently being unused and we have a very detailed plan on how to move forward. so we will do want everybody's feedback. we anticipate having an action
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item at that meeting to be able to make a recommendation to the full board. so it really is the venue to talk about use of those properties that are not currently being actively used. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioner murase. >> are there any board delegates to the board to report? all other reports by board members? commissioner maufus? >> thank you, president yee, i want to remind everyone from the city select meeting is this thursday, october 25, at 3:30 room 250 at city hall. it is chaired by supervisor campos and chui and
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commissioner mendoza and myself and we have one item and that is our ag requirements. >> i believe that there is a budget committee meeting on november the 8th. >> president yee, we are waiting for confirmation of that meeting, i believe pending a question about commissioner wynn's availability and the regular meeting of the budget and business services committee would fall on wednesday, november 7th. we have requested consideration of moving that meeting one day later to thursday november 8th, and i believe commissioner wynns is reresearching her ability and rewill finalize it. >> thank you, we are finished with this section? >> commissioner? >> yes, go ahead. >> i want to announce that the rules committee meeting.
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the october rules committee meeting was canceled because we need to get the rest of the elections to get the report from the advocates in sacramento, because we are not really ready with the recommendations on the policy work of our staff working with the fda, but we also we schedule that meeting for november the 14th. and that will be our one rules committee meeting unless something or some emergency comes up between now and the middle of the year. >> wynns there is going to be earlier than normal. >> 4 to 6 p.m. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. let's move on to item t. >> report of closed section, actions, closed sections actions of october 16, 201
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3:singer the board of education by a vote of six ayes and one absent. wynns approved a contract for one director and the vote of five aye and two absent, mendoza and wynns approved the agreement in the amount of $7525 nthe board of commission by the vote of six aye and one absent, wynns approved the terms of the settlement agreement in the amount of $35,000. in the matter of al verses san francisco unified school district, the vote of 6 ayes and one absent wins, approved the terms of the settlement agreement of the amount of 28,400. ethe board of education by six aye and one absent wins the
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approve of one intent to dismiss a certified certificate employee two accounts were approved by a vote of six ayes and one absent of wynns and two were approved by a vote of 4 aye and two nays and maufus and murase and two absent. >> item u, no other staff reports tonight. and in adjournment, i would like to adjourn in memory of gloria donahu, retired secretary, and administrative support from school operations. glora passed away on october 14th, after suffering a stroke visiting lake tahoe. at her side was her daughter as well as her niece, nephew, grand niece and several other living family members. glora gave this district, loyal and dedicated service for more than 20 years. she worked in the high school division for mean years under
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the leadership of greg bender, quinn chan and jim quinn and frank tom. she later worked in the human resources department under michael mendana. she was a person full of life who loved spending her summers at the russian river traveling up to paris with friends, laughing reminiscing with her sisters. >> she was a beloved member of the golden girls district group and leaves behind many school district friends. the board of education and the superintendent of schools extends sincere condolences to the donahu family. meeting adowneder. meeting adjourned.
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>> san francisco mayor lee is here to join us. this is especially special for us. about 14 months ago when we kicked off our first program lee was here. he helped cut the ribbon and launch with our first companies about 14 months ago, and i one thing i will say before you get up we thought long and hard where we wanted green star located and we knew we wanted it in silicon valley and we wanted to know where they were going to and we believe san francisco is on the way to
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being the heart and hub of silicon valley and where the heart and the leadership is and we will exciting where it's going and please welcome mayor ed lee. >> thank you mitch. thank you so much. you know innovation is infectious. it's as infectious as giants fever. how about that? so let me tell you i have been excited ever since i came here and cut the ribbon with mitch a year ago and want to the get back here and see how everything was progressing and guess what? just over a year and a half ago when we first started here and when i started as mayor san francisco unemployment rate was 9.6% and last week six-point 9%. what a flip and a lot of it has to do
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with all the job creation you're doing right here and i want to congratulate you green start and all the companies starting out here. i like to be next and involved with all of the innovation going on. that is really infectious and i really like that with this city. because there are 208 clean tech companies in san francisco and there are 83 investors and i think they're all here today. i think we earned the title of north american clean tech group and part of my administration that we support you and we engage with in how to do it better and you're part of my 17 points of job growth in the city. i ran on that as the new mayor in town. by the way i never have ran for public office before so you need to help me
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look good. i know they're going to work and as mitch said we are the ecosystem. this is how things are happening. this is why people are coming into san francisco. in addition we have a tourist sector going on, life sciences going on. everybody is innovating in the right places and doing it here in san francisco and there is a strong spirit and we will continue growth and jobs everybody. we want to help everybody out and support each other and that comes to what we do here in san francisco. today i am announcing a new initiative and clean tech sf initiative which we launching with all of you. there are three part it is of this. the first part is we're working with the california clean energy fund. i know jeff anderson is here today as part of them and he's going to be partners with us, and he's
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partners in every branch that we doing. the first thing we're doing as clean tech sf we will establish innovation zones in san francisco. what does that mean? we asked last time when we were here in san francisco and how can we help? perhaps we can help with the resources that the city doesn't use to the highest use. let's take our space. we have a lot of assets under utilized. how can we allow the demonstrations that you're having today have a real field test for what they are, and if we could allow ourselves to be very flexible with our leases, our spaces we will allow ourselves to do that with partnership with green start and incubate some of the demonstrationos our property, let's take what we're doing specifically. with our sfpuc, with the department of the
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environment and melanie is here today and doing a great job with our mos connie center and i know we have a lot of panels up there already but doesn't fill all the roof tops and there is new technology coming out all the time. we have been challenged in the solar technology arena because traditional technology has heavy weight technology that always challenged the integrity of roof tops, and moscone is the one we found and let that be for one of these companies and light ultralight technology and use, cheaper way of getting solar out there and we're going to allow them to demonstrate their product on top of our mos connie roof and that is an example we're doing in utilizing all of
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the agency's cooperations and make sure the start ups can use real testing sites in the city. that is thanks to the hardand kelly and the manager at puc and barbara hale and the second thing we're going to do is take a page out of what we're doing with clean tech and biotech life sciences. you see what mission bay is doing. they have for the last ten years building up a ecosystem of pharmaceutical companies and san francisco medical center and integrated around with the research teams to form a very strong research center and because of that center more and more companies around the world are locating there because they want to be next to the laboratory innovators. they're sharing laboratories, sharing scientists and collaborating and all with solutions about the future of
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medicine. taking a page out of that why couldn't we do the same thing with clean tech? we want to invite institutions like our california puc, our san francisco puc, our department of the environment, organizations and private institutions like sun run or pg&e to potentially create the network of their innovative sites and their innovative divisions to work together and potentially in a physical location or just begin networking first, and start working with the major universities and their research entities on their sites so we can start anchoring these institutions within san francisco and create another ecosystem of anchoring institutions. that proved successful in the delivery of pharmaceutical answers to medical challenges. i think it will prove to be helpful here
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to have them focial exciting center to come and look at and draw the attention i think of even more start ups, and the third part of this clean sf initiative is make sure that we do everything possible to support clean tech start ups. we can do that with partnership with the clean energy fund and our departments and their funds for grants and help green start with all of these start ups and make sure they know we're supporting them in every way possible, and through that partnership we will come up with even more ideas. this continues to be the innovation capital in the world and i will put that in context and melanie asked me to remind all of you. there is no other city in the united states if not the world that can say they accomplished goals of 80% of all of our garage is being
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repsyched in san francisco. we will get to 100% in our lifetimes and this i grant you because we have innovators here and people committed. we have investors here to help us with the new ideas. this last 20% of recycling is going to be the hardest but the most enjoyable. this city will continue to innovate. we will embrace clean technologies. we we will certificate green start and demonstrations that we will see today and october is innovation month and gratifying for those and happy clean tech day in san francisco. thank you very much. [applause] >> it is awesome to have the mayor announce that right here at green start. we are thrilled
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to be a part of that. it's true a year ago mayor lee asked "what can we do to help?" and we said we have lots of companies that want to test pilot things and deploy things and how can san francisco be a part of that and to see this come together so quickly is incredibly rewarding and testament to the leadership you're providing and san francisco is lucky to have you as our mayor. thank you

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